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Rick Hale got his start in real estate in 1996 with a simple goal to sell a few houses and make a living. After his first year, he earned six figures, and after doubling his business by year four, he opened the very first Keller Williams office in Atlanta, GA. 


Today, Rick is the operating partner of 12 Keller Williams offices that closed on 12,000 homes in the Atlanta metro area last year. He is preparing to publish his first book and has recently taken on the new title of Chief Energy and Education Officer. 


In this episode, Rick shares the challenges he’s faced with finding the right people to help scale his business, the mindset shift that enabled him to prioritize and value his time, and the best practices he personally employs to remain focused, energized, and positive. 


Rick Hale | Real Estate Background

  • Opened the first Keller Williams office in Atlanta and now owns 12 brokerages. He is also an author and a limited partner on several commercial deals.
  • Based in: Atlanta, GA
  • Say hi to him at:

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