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Vab Jain left medical school in 1998 to become a stock broker. After serving on the Chicago Board Options Exchange for a time, he returned to school to earn his master’s degree. By 2006, he had an MBA, but no job prospects. Determined to own his own business, Vab began investing in hotels. However, one deal that didn’t work out left him with nothing. 


Without a home or any money, Vab returned to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to stay with his parents and start from scratch. He decided to turn around a hotel that his parents owned, which became the catalyst he needed to get back on his feet.


Today, Vab is the CEO of Athena Investments. In this episode, he shares how he was able to use creative financing for several years while he worked on improving his credit, how he has been able to adapt to an ever-changing market, and his advice for scaling in today’s economic climate. 


Vab Jain | Real Estate Background

  • CEO of Athena Investments. He also served on the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange).
  • Portfolio:
    • GP of 200+ residential units
  • Based in: Dayton, OH
  • Say hi to him at:

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