Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Carrie Cook is the President of Ignite Funding. With over 15 years of experience in private lending, Carrie has funded over $1.5B and is committed to continued growth and preservation of investor capital. In this episode, Carrie discusses her underwriting process, structuring investor-friendly terms, and the benefits of investing in a trustee vs. a fund.

Carrie Cook | Real Estate Background

  • President of Ignite Funding with over 15 years of experience in private lending. Licensed mortgage broker in NV and AZ. 
  • Portfolio
    • Servicing $350MM in loans
    • Type: 60% commercial 40% residential
    • NV, TX, CO, UT, AZ
  • Based in: Las Vegas, NV
  • Say hi to her at: 
  • Greatest Lesson: Do your due diligence. Don’t invest in somebody or something you know nothing about. If you don’t take the time to do the research, then you’re the only one to blame if you lose your money.


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