Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF310: Renting to Section 8 and College Students and ALL You Need to Know About It

Our Best Ever guest today, shares with us the reasons you should NEVER stop buying. We also discuss the benefits to buying whenever and wherever you can, and all the implications of renting to section 8 tenants and college students.



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Buy one thing a year.


I go where the numbers make more income per the square footage of the house.

Pat Hiban’s real estate background:

-          Top producing real estate agent and owner of Pat Hiban Group with Keller Williams

-          Based in Baltimore, Maryland and active investor in real estate deals as well

-          Has 12 single family homes and 7 apartment buildings, a strip center, office building and 14 private companies

-          Awarded #1 Keller Williams Realty Agent in units sold nationwide in 2006

-          Host of popular podcast “Real Estate Rockstars”



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