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JF311: Why A Mobile Home Isn’t Exactly Mobile and Why YOU Should Be Investing in Them

Today’s Best Ever guest uses her knowledge about mobile home investing and all she has done to make build her fortune. We discuss what to do in the event of a mobile home disaster, and why you should NEVER stop being yourself and letting your personality shine in your business.



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Build your business around you, don’t try to build yourself around your business.


Rachel Hernandez’s real estate background:

-          Author of “Adventures in Mobile Homes: How I got Started in Mobile Home Investing and How You Can Too!”

-          Has been investing in mobile homes since 2002

-          Started out bird dogging and wholesaling then switched to mobile homes

-          Based in San Antonio, Texas

-          She used to work at Disney Land and was her hardest job interview ever!

-          Say hi to her at


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