Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF316: How to Solve A Real Estate Problem On the INTERNET

Today’s Best Ever guest has an incredible marketing, sales and advertising background which he uses to churn his real estate powerhouse. We discuss how to use the internet to solve your problems, pay by click internet marketing and how he has had a thriving real estate career.



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In the beginning it’s important to be focused on revenue generating activities.


Sean Katona’s real estate background:

-          Based in Huntington Beach, California and is a full time real estate investor and started investing in 2009

-          Has over 10 years of marketing, sales and advertising experience from his time working at Microsoft and EA Sports

-          He currently owns income properties in multiple states and has spearheaded over 50 deals from renovations to new construction

-          Has been to over 30 countries across the world

-          Visit him at



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