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JF325: If You Use an Agent, Make Sure They Know THIS

Today's Best Ever guest, may be a long ways away in beautiful Montana, but she sure as heck isn't out of touch with real estate. She shares with us the thing that you need to make sure your agent knows before buying, and how she has come to obtain her investment properties. 


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Nancy Brooks' real estate background: 

-Invests virtually and owns 15 properties with her boyfriend

-Experienced with buy and hold properties, wholesales, rehabs and vacation rentals

-Say hi to her at

-Based in Billings, Montana

-Wrote award winning book called "Cycling Wine and Men: A Midlife Tour De France" 

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Invests virtually and owns 15 properties with her boyfr
iend in Montana, Florida and Ohio
Experienced with buy-and-hold properties, rehabs, who
lesaling and vacation rentals
Say hi to her at
Based in Billings, Montana
Wrote an award winning book called Cycling, Wine and
Men: A Midlife Tour De France
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