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Ever wondered how a corporate setback transformed into a self-storage success story? From unexpected career shifts to pioneering self-storage strategies, get ready to unravel the journey of Tom Dunkel, the Chief Investment Officer at Bellrose Storage Group, a seasoned investor who turned challenges into opportunities, all while carving a niche within a niche. Discover the untapped potential of contractor storage and flex space markets, and glean insights into building a powerhouse team that drives commercial real estate success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Niche within a Niche: Contractor Storage and Flex Space: Tom discusses the benefits of offering climate-controlled flex industrial units with amenities like electricity and security features to attract contractors and businesses.
  • Investor Insights: Building a Solid Team and Finding Deals: Tom emphasizes the importance of assembling a strong team and building a network of experts and partners. Tom also offers advice on seeking out mastermind groups, investor meetups, and networking opportunities to connect with potential team members and partners.
  • Lessons from Self-Storage Success and Pivoting Strategies: Tom shares the pivotal lessons learned from transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, including facing challenges head-on. He also shares strategies for success in self-storage, such as seeking niche opportunities, embracing value-add strategies, and aligning investments with high net worth investors.


Tom Dunkel | Real Estate Background

  • Chief Investment Officer, Belrose Storage Group
  • Portfolio:
    • 11 self storage facilities across 7 states
  • Based in: Wayne, PA
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan
  • Greatest Lesson: Be intentional about who you choose to be on your team and who you choose to partner with.


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