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In this episode, seasoned real estate investor Jonathan Twombly takes us on a journey through the world of independent hotel investments. With over a decade of experience, he shares his insights on finding, renovating, and managing these unique real estate assets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unique Opportunities in Independent Hotels: Independent hotels in smaller markets can often be found listed on platforms like LoopNet and Crexi, providing unique investment opportunities. Brokers specializing in these assets may list them on such platforms to broaden their reach. This accessibility can make finding these opportunities easier compared to larger, branded hotels.
  • The Power of Hands-On Experience: To truly understand the hotel business, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of taking action and gaining hands-on experience. Learning by doing, making offers, walking properties, and engaging in real deals can provide invaluable knowledge and insight.
  • Creative Strategies for Hotel Investments: Jonathan's experience showcases the potential for transforming older, undervalued properties into thriving businesses by applying creative strategies. He highlights the value of market research, renovations, and understanding the local economy to maximize revenue and returns.


Jonathan Twombly | Real Estate Background

  • Managing Member - Two Bridges Asset Management LLC
  • Portfolio:
    • One hotel
    • Co-GP in 2,400 apartment units
  • Based in: Brooklyn, New York
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan
  • Greatest Lesson: Step away from your computer, and get out into the real world. You will learn multiples by taking action than you ever did from research.


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