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Known for their success in multifamily real estate, Tim Vitale and Tim Vest share their journey, strategies, and the importance of building a thriving community of investors. Discover how they balance their individual strengths, the benefits of partnerships, and insights into commercial properties. 

Key Takeaways

  • Maximizing Partner Strengths: Tim Vest and Tim Vitale emphasize the significance of understanding each partner's strengths and weaknesses within a real estate partnership. By leveraging complementary skills, they optimize decision-making and achieve better outcomes.
  • Building a Thriving Community: The hosts discuss the power of community building, showcasing their Makin' Moves in Multifamily Facebook group. They highlight the value of mentorship and networking in real estate, emphasizing the role of collaboration in success.
  • Effective Time Management: Tim Vest and Tim Vitale share insights into time management and delegation. They emphasize the importance of focusing on tasks that require critical thinking while offloading repetitive or distracting work to optimize productivity and decision-making.


Tim Vitale | Real Estate Background

  • Co-Founder of Vive Equity and Makin Moves
  • Portfolio:
    • 1200+ apartment units
    • 3 NNN locations
  • Based in: Wilmington, NC
  • Say hi to him at: 

Tim Vest | Real Estate Background

  • Founder of Harvest Properties Group and Co-Founder of Makin Moves
  • Portfolio:
    • 1200+ apartment units
    • 3 NNN locations
  • Based in: Charlotte, NC
  • Say hi to him at:


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