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Today, we’re going to start counting down to the new year by looking back at some of the best episodes from the Best Ever Show in 2023. So what we’ve done — and what we’ll do over the next five days heading into 2024 — is pull some of our favorite Best Ever segments from shows throughout the year so you can get educated and inspired as we move into the new year.

In this episode, we’ll focus on multifamily, pulling clips from episodes with Vikram Raya, Patrick Grimes, Jay Balekar, and the king of creative finance, Pace Morby.

Vikram discusses how he went from Zero to $700M AUM in about eight years, including acquiring his first property, a 118-unit deal on a C-class property outside of Atlanta that he and his partners only got the inside track on because the lead buyer backed out after there was a murder on the property. Meanwhile, Patrick explains some of the biggest lessons he learned from the recent economic downturn, Jay provides his tips on working with third-party property management companies, and Pace explains the Zero down, 4% seller finance deal he did that became the standard for his multifamily deals.


You can listen to the full episodes below.​​



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