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Multifamily Fundamentals is a 10-part series hosted by multifamily investor and syndicator Matt Faircloth of the DeRosa Group. In each episode, Matt and his guests dive deep into the fundamentals of not just investing in multifamily, but in building a real estate business. They dissect everything from choosing the right market, to underwriting and financing multifamily properties, to mastering investor relations — all the way to building out your multifamily dream team.

In the first episode of the Multifamily Fundamentals series, seasoned real estate professionals Matt Faircloth, Hervé Francois, and Justin Fraser delve into the Core Four method, unraveling the secrets behind scaling a successful multifamily real estate business. From discovering deals to underwriting, raising capital, and executing the business plan, they offer invaluable insights into the pivotal roles that drive long-term growth in commercial real estate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Core Four Superpowers: Explore the critical roles of the hunter, brain, money, and hammer in multifamily real estate. Understanding these distinct roles and their interplay is pivotal for scaling and sustaining a successful business.
  • Importance of Collaboration: Successful multifamily teams thrive on collaboration. While each role operates independently, their synergy and collective effort determine the success of a deal. Collaboration among hunters, brains, money managers, and hammers ensures a comprehensive approach.
  • Roadmap to Success: Having a roadmap and educating yourself can significantly improve your chances of success. Learning from the bumps along the way, creating a solid roadmap, and staying confident can pave the way for real estate investors to achieve their goals and scale their businesses effectively.



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