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Jeremy Kane of Patriot Capital Investments shares his journey from house hacking while in the military, to scaling up to 1,200 doors of multifamily in two years, to taking the lead on a 70,000 square foot ground up development industrial warehouse project. He shares creative strategies for putting yourself in front of potential investors and why he’s diversifying his portfolio into industrial. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Balancing Financing and Investment Strategy: Kane discusses the intricacies of financing commercial real estate projects, emphasizing the balance between loans, investors, and equity splits to achieve success. He also provides insight into the approach of building a 70,000 square feet industrial warehouse complex in San Antonio without loans, focusing on bringing in investors and potential refinancing for quick replenishment of funds.
  • Creative Approaches to Capital Raising: Kane shares some unique ways he’s put himself in front of people with “expendable” income and business acumen, ideal investors for commercial real estate deals.
  • Transitioning Strategy in Real Estate Ventures: Kane emphasizes the significance of transitioning between different real estate ventures, from smaller multifamily properties to midsize deals, and the importance of staying grounded and humble despite past successes.

Jeremy Kane | Real Estate Background

  • Patriot Capital Investments
  • Portfolio: 
    • 1,200 multifamily units
    • 3 residential properties
  • Based in: Austin, TX
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Greatest Lesson: Building your team with the right people that match your values and risk is okay if it’s calculated.



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