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Multifamily Fundamentals is a 10-part series hosted by multifamily investor and syndicator Matt Faircloth of the DeRosa Group. In each episode, Matt and his guests dive deep into the fundamentals of not just investing in multifamily, but in building a real estate business. They dissect everything from choosing the right market, to underwriting and financing multifamily properties, to mastering investor relations — all the way to building out your multifamily dream team.

In the second episode of Multifamily Fundamentals, host Matt Faircloth, alongside real estate expert Justin Fraser, dives deeper into the essentials of multifamily investing. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone from beginners to seasoned syndicators in multifamily real estate investment. The focus shifts to the nitty-gritty of structuring deals, investor relations, and making sound decisions in the multifamily arena.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Structuring Deals and Understanding Splits: There's no hard and fast rule for structuring deals with investors. While industry standards exist, everything in a deal is negotiable. The episode emphasizes the importance of finding a balance in profit distribution among general partners (GPs) and investors, ensuring a win-win scenario. They debunk myths around fixed profit splits and advocate for flexibility to adapt to different market conditions and deal specifics.

  2. Investor Relations and Trust: Building trust with investors is paramount. The episode delves into the philosophy of treating investors' money with utmost respect and prioritizing their interests. Faircloth and Fraser stress the importance of being custodians of investors’ funds, focusing on risk mitigation, and delivering desirable returns.

  3. Decision-Making and Asset Management: The discussion highlights the thousands of decisions made in asset management, from minor fixes to significant renovations, and how each of these should be guided by what’s best for the investors. This includes prioritizing steady, trustworthy progress over high-risk, high-reward strategies.

  4. Negotiation and Communication: A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to the art of negotiation and transparent communication with investors. Understanding investors' expectations and crafting deals that meet these expectations is crucial for long-term success.



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