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Dave Holman, Founder of Holman Homes, explores the world of green building syndications, historic renovations, and innovative refugee housing. He shares how he’s built a $40 million portfolio and is able to give back to his community while remaining profitable.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable and Cost-Effective Building Practices: Dave emphasizes the importance of green building and sustainability in real estate, discussing how environmentally friendly practices can be both cost-effective and beneficial for long-term investment. He critiques certifications like LEED, advocating for practical sustainability over marketing gimmicks.
  • Investment Strategies and Refugee Housing: Holman shares the intricacies of managing and investing in refugee housing, highlighting how this approach aligns with both profitability and social responsibility.
  • Renovating and Modernizing Historic Properties: Living in Maine, many properties are circa Revolutionary War construction. Dave shares the challenges and opportunities this creates for investors looking to bring these buildings into the 21st century.

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