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Multifamily Fundamentals is a 10-part series hosted by multifamily investor and syndicator Matt Faircloth of the DeRosa Group. In each episode, Matt and his guests dive deep into the fundamentals of not just investing in multifamily, but in building a real estate business. They dissect everything from choosing the right market, to underwriting and financing multifamily properties, to mastering investor relations — all the way to building out your multifamily dream team.

Guest host Matt Faircloth and Vincent Celeste of The DeRosa Group dive deep into the strategies of building and nurturing your investor database to raise capital. 

Key Takeaways

  • Building a Strong Investor Database: Learn how to create an extensive investor database and understand why it's crucial to establish this infrastructure before hunting for deals. Discover strategies to effectively communicate and engage with potential investors, ensuring a solid foundation for future ventures.
  • Creating a Lead Funnel: Understand how leads and potential investors may interact with your business depending on where they are in their decision-making process. More importantly, understand how you can customize your communication efforts to meet them where they are.
  • Creating Engaging Content and Utilizing Social Media: Uncover the power of consistent, educational content creation to attract and retain investors. Learn how to effectively use social media platforms to build credibility, share knowledge, and establish a strong online presence.



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