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In this episode, Joe Cornwell talks with Saad Dar, a BRRRR investor and head at Baselane. They talk about transitioning from CPA to real estate, the benefits of BRRRR in Philly, and leveraging FinTech and PropTech. They discuss the importance of market knowledge, contractor trust, and networking for investment success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Career Pivot to Real Estate Success: Saad Dar's transition from accounting to becoming a BRRRR investor and tech entrepreneur illustrates the power of aligning one's career with their passions and the innovative intersection of real estate with technology.

  • Keys to BRRRR Strategy Mastery: The episode highlights essential strategies for BRRRR success, including deep market knowledge, solid contractor partnerships, and efficient project management, especially crucial in fluctuating markets.

  • The Power of Networking in Real Estate: Saad Dar shares the importance of building strong connections within the real estate community, offering advice on how effective networking can help overcome investment challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Saad Dar | Real Estate Background

  • Head of Baselane
  • Portfolio:
    • 20+ Units, Including Duplexes
  • Based in: New York City
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Multi-family Millions - by David Lindhal
  • Best Ever Advice: Relationships are the key to success.



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