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Paul Shannon, owner and manager of the RedHawk Real Estate Invest Wise Collective, joins our host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. Paul is also an owner-operator and LP investor who went from medical equipment sales to buying real estate, eventually investing as a limited partner, which led him to start a fund to help other LPs enjoy the benefits of real estate. In this episode, Paul discusses his strategy for vetting investment opportunities for his LPs, the maturation of the syndication model, his outlook for 2024 and beyond, and more.


Paul Shannon | Real Estate Background

  • CEO of Shine Insurance
  • Helps CRE acquisitions and asset management teams build and implement Risk management & insurance strategies
  • Based in:  Bloomington, IN
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Tribal Branding by Patrick Hanlon



Syndication Attorneys

Monarch Money


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