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It’s no secret what’s been happening in office real estate across the country since the pandemic. During COVID-19, as work-from-home became ingrained in the American economy, office values plummeted. Now, with $117B in US CRE office debt maturing in 2024 and a 20% vacancy rate (the highest in 40 years), investors with dry powder are preparing to capitalize. 

And it’s not just Institutional investors who are ready to pounce. According to a recent piece in Commercial Observer, Chad Carpenter, founder of Reven Capital, and Ethan Penner, CEO of Mosaic Real Estate Investors, recently launched a $1 billion publicly traded real estate investment trust to raise capital for distressed office opportunity.

In this episode, Brian Pascus, the journalist who wrote the Commercial Observer piece, joins  the Best Ever Show to discuss this trend and what it means for the future of office real estate, and investors.

You can read his full piece here.



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