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Mac Shelton — founding partner at Sweetbay Capital, which focuses on multifamily value-add deals in Virginia and the Carolinas — joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Mac discusses investing in student rentals before reading Joe Fairless’s Book — the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book — and how the lack of scalability in student rentals led him and his partner to pivot to multifamily syndication. From niching down and investing in familiar markets to overcoming tenant delinquency, Mac shares his experience buying multifamily deals in the challenging landscape that defined 2023.

Mac Shelton | Real Estate Background

  •  Founding Partner at Sweetbay Capital

  • Portfolio:

    • 131 units with 60 more under contract
  • Based in Raleigh, NC

  • Say hi to him at



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