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Vicky Schiff, CEO at Avrio Management, joins host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Vicky — a CRE entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School — discusses preferred equity, its place in the capital stack, and the opportunity it presents for investors in the current CRE landscape. She illustrates this by breaking down a specific case study and goes on to discuss how rising interest rates have given rise to pref equity, all while explaining what’s really happening in the world of multifamily distress.


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Vicki Schiff | Real Estate Background

  •  AVRIO
  • Hires and trains virtual assistants, primarily for real estate companies.
  • Based in: Los Angeles
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  • Best Ever Book: Greatest Salesman in the World - OG Mandino



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