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Welcome the the Best Ever midweek news brief, a new series where we will highlight the top headlines CRE investors should be paying attention to this week, followed by a deep dive on a larger news topic or trend alongside a CRE expert.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Denver is on Fire: Despite its high home prices relative to the national average, Colorado’s Capital has taken the top spot in U.S. News’s recent list of the nation’s 20 hottest housing markets. 

  • Minneapolis Captivates Renters: Renters searched for apartments in Minneapolis more than any other market in February. Apartment searches in Minneapolis grew a staggering 234% compared to February last year.

  • Dallas Owns Industrial: Dallas led the industrial sector in terms of deliveries in 2023, with almost 61.9 million square feet delivered across 177 properties, more than doubling the average pace nationally.


Today’s Guest: Has the CRE market hit the bottom? Some big players seem to think it has. Goldman Sachs said last week that it’s ready to start actively investing in commercial real estate again, and Blackstone is on the bandwagon, too. According to Blackstone President Jon Gray, the time to make a move is not after interest rates come down, but before. He also says that as investors, sometimes, you can miss the bottom by being overly cautious, and he believes that now is probably a good time to move fast and buy real estate before rates come down. Logan Freeman, co-founder and principal at FTW Investments, joins host Paul Mueller to discuss.


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