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JF371: Not One, Not Two, But 11 Homes in One Deal!

Huge numbers in one deal! How many properties have you closed in a single transaction? Did you do it with no money down? Our Best Ever guest did, and he shares the ups and downs of a particularly profitable closing. Hear his story of big returns while cruising 48 states on his Harley, but most importantly, his advice to find a…






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You don’t know what you like until you know what you don’t like.




Mike Fish’s real estate background:



  • Over a decade of real estate investing experience
  • Has controlled over $11,000,000 in real estate
  • Now a REALTOR/investor, he continues to buy and sell up in the Arizona White Mountains
  • Based in Pinetop Lakeside, Arizona
  • He likes his Harley and has done a 48-state ride




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