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JF385: $30,000 Found and How Skip Tracing Pays Off

You may have tried to reach the owner of the run down home down the street. It can be nearly impossible! Today’s Best Ever guest has an inside connection to county tax data, accompanied with skip tracing software that can locate contact information of the absentee owner. She shares her recent deal that will net her well over $30,000 all through having the right information and tools. Make sure you listen to this episode and check you toolbox after the show!

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You can sit in fear that you don’t have enough money or you can just jump in and do it.



Laurie Thomas's real estate background:

  • Based in Hastings, Michigan and has worked in the land and title industry as an examiner for approximately 30 years
  • Currently handles the tax foreclosures for 8 Counties in Michigan
  • Founder of LASH Properties where she is doing a rehab project and purchasing a duplex
  • Her brother had a pet armadillo

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