Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF395: Fired from His Job, Now Flipping Fortunes

Know your response rate? How many leads will it take for you to close a deal? Our Best Ever guest is ON FIRE from automating every critical task to provide successful numbers, and he did it leaning back in his chair! He is laser focused on wholesaling real estate in his Florida niche while outsourcing the majority of the busy work. Our Best Ever guest now enjoys educating new wholesalers…and he’s passionate about it, tune in!


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You really have to be careful with who you spend the most amount of time with.


Tom Krol's real estate background:


  • Based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
  • Been wholesaling for over 2.5 years and has done hundreds of deals
  • Has three children and his wife is pregnant with their fourth


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