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JF399: How Bigger Returns with Less Properties is Possible

More properties = more money, right? It may depend on many factors, including your leverage strategy. Today’s Best Ever guest is tax genius who capitalized on his real estate portfolio using his extensive knowledge of the tax law. His strategy includes fine criteria that ensures high profits per property. He owns over 100 doors and counting, and you have to hear what qualities he looks for in tenants.



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I’m not concerned about cap. rates, I strictly run my own underwriting.



Serge Shukhat's real estate background:

  • Currently owns and manages over 100 units
  • Left his day job as a CPA at a software company to invest full time after it was sold
  • Spent two years living and working in Moscow
  • Based in Phoenix, Arizona and owns and manages over 100 units
  • Focused on midsize multifamily properties of 50 – 100 units


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