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JF406: Noteworthy Tips from Two Millionaire Note Buyers

Tired of tenants and toilets? Well what if you were to earn the same cash flow every month and not lift a finger? Buy notes! That doesn’t mean it’s an effortless investment…no way! You may find yourself with non-performing or distressed notes that include higher risk, if you have a fraction of the experience and know-how of our Best Ever guests you can mitigate most of these risks…hint, invest in higher equity NPN’s!

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Know what you’re buying.


Cathie Jeffs & Cathy Craw

  • Distressed note investors and have been in business since 2012
  • Been involved with over $7,000,000 in assets
  • Company name is PAC, Paper Assets Capital
  • Based in Piscataway and Clifton, New Jersey
  • Say hi to them at and

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