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JF410: He Lost $25,000, but Learned This Valuable Lesson #situationsaturday

“Measure twice, cut once,” are wise words that our Best Ever guest should have adopted on a particularly sticky deal. He is known as the Real Estate Dingo, Engelo Rumora, and he is back on the show to share an unfavorable situation that could have been avoided. Engelo is a growing investor in the Ohio area with a savvy team, hear what he did wrong and how he made it right!


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When you succeed, you are on such a high that you do not even evaluate the circumstances that made you succeed.


You do not have to scale your business at a rapid pace, if you do, you will cut before measuring twice.


Hire slowly and fire quickly.


Engelo Rumora’s background:

    • Trying to buy back his time doing 100 hr weeks
    • Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus
    • From Australia
    • Known as “The Real Estate Dingo”
    • Works with many investors in Ohio
    • Say hi to  


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