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JF418: Target, Whole Foods, and College Students are BEGGING for His Services, He’s Only 25! #skillsetsunday

How to start a company and scale it. Startup mogul, Brian Foley, has started five companies, and now has focused his efforts on building BuddyTruk, a service like Uber that transports goods from one place to another. He and his team has built an app that allows customers to seek a BuddyTruk representative to move their furniture, and Target along with Whole Foods have jumped on board. Our Best Ever guest is tenacious and shares his story of persistence, and he even used cookies to buy clients…hear it now!


Best Ever Tweet:

As soon as you’ve got product you have to CAPTURE your audience.


Brian Foley’s background:

  • Based in Santa Monica, California and is the founder of BuddyTruk, offering cheap moving help and local delivery service on demand
  • Named one of four founders under 30 to keep an eye on by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • He’s 25 and has started 5 companies


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