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JF659: When Snapchat and This Unique Approach Earns Better Homes and Gardens Love

When Better Homes and Gardens says our guest's brokerage is "One of the top ten most innovative brokers in the country," you know your on the right track! Our guest has mastered real estate marketing in our short attention span era. He uses videos, Snapchat, and other personal social mediums to reach buyers and sellers. You must hear this episode!

Best Ever Tweet:

In order to do great work, you need great people, and you usually need more than one.

Michael Meier Real Estate Background:

    - Founder and Broker of Meier International Real Estate
    - Completed over 500 transactions
    - Better Homes and Gardens has said he is one of the top ten most innovative brokers
    - Based in New York, New York
    - Say hi to him at

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