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JF868: How to SNAG Deals from BROKERS and What Questions to Ask

Real estate investors should not look at brokers as competitors, but resources rather. Today's guest was able to find commercial properties by speaking with the ultimate gate keepers, brokers. In fact attached to the show is a link where you can check out the questions our guest asks the brokers in an area he wants to invest in, he looks for brokers with multiple listings. Hear his story and how he jumped into multi family investing.

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Perseverance through failure works EVERY TIME.

Andrew Cushman Real Estate Background:

- Principal/Manager at Vantage Point Acquisitions, LLC
- Full time multifamily investor
- Purchased 1,566 units in the last 5 years
- Chemical engineer for 7 years before quitting job in 2007 to flip single family houses full time
- In 2011, purchased first apartment complex, which was 92 units, 2,500 miles from where he lived
- 20 questions to ask a property management company:
- Based in Los Angeles, California
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Questions to ask property management companies when searching for an investment property:

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