Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF884: How He Grabbed a 38 Unit Apartment Complex UNDER CONTRACT!

The due diligence period is on! One of the biggest struggles for our guest is not having comparable financials for this purchase. You know has to rely on the land value, potential rent, and repositioning. He's doing his best to mitigate his risk right now before he has to close, hear what he's up to!

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Take MASSIVE action at an early level of your career.

Chris Gill Real Estate Background:

-  Owner of CGre Ltd. Company

-  Launched #DeconstructingTheHomeShow, an inside look at running a successful real estate development company

-  Been investing for 2.5 years, starting with just $15,000 of capital to a business that owns $500,000 of assets

-  Has an achieved R.O.I. of over 3,000%

-  Based in San Antonio, Texas

-  Say hi to him at

-  Best Ever Book: Books about Biographies

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