Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF888: LOSING $60k, Graveyard Flip and Converting an SFR into a DUPLEX!

Strange and dreary, yet there is always certainly a buyer at the right price. Our guest also converted a single-family house into a duplex for greater cash flow! Hear how he analyzes a deal and why he takes extreme caution before purchasing another investment.

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You've always got to be asking yourself, what is my next step?

Charlie Kao Real Estate Background:

- Owner of iBuyHousesMichigan
- Began real estate investing after moving to California and worked with clients who were investors
- Has purchased 19 homes since moving to Michigan in 2008
- Invests in variety of homes but his niche is non certified condos and homes off busy roads or next to graveyards
- Currently working on building wholesaling business and expanding network
- Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan
- Say hi to him at

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