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JF903: DON'T BE CHEAP and Vacation Rentals

Upgrading vacation rentals should be done meticulously, because it's a vacation rental. Our guest talks about how you shouldn't go halfway on rehabs and upgrades and about his vacation rentals that he gets to enjoy with his family when it's not being rented.

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You can't be too conservative investing in real estate.

Mark Spidell Real Estate Background:

- Full time real estate investor and financial analyst
- Real estate investor with 34 doors valued at $4.5MM
- Diverse investor in commercial, vacation rental, buy and hold, out of state investing and flipping
- After 9/11, joined a company in charge of monitoring the performance of residential mortgage back securities
- Also has experience in commercial real estate appraisal and banking
- Based in Glenwood Springs, CO
- Say hi to him at 970.484.9474
- Best Ever Book: Gift of Imperfection by Berne Brown

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