Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Our guest has multiple properties that total in value of over 3 million! He started late in the game, but he finally figured it out. He rehabs multiple properties a year and will share one of his condo deals he bought below half price!

Best Ever Tweet:

Don't wait to Invest, start now.

Shawn Holsapple Real Estate Background:

- Active full time real estate investor and licensed Indiana Real Estate Broker
- Wholesale over 150 properties annually while doing a few buy/fix/resell projects as time and inventory allows
- 15-20 rehabs per year, own 45 single family rentals and rent to own
- Started with nothing in 2011, now have over $3m in property, most with no money down bank loans
- Specialties: Out of State/Country Real Estate Investors and knows the challenges of hand-off investing
- Does JV & wholesale deals with local & international investors
- Based in Indianapolis, Indiana
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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