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Fear and focus were two paramount tools for Sean Conlon, star of all brand new reality series, The Deed Chicago.  In this episode, Conlon shares details of journey from an assistant janitor to the fame and fortune he has amassed and now helps others achieve.  With a passion for real estate, Conlon began making evening cold calls for a brokerage after his long day job shift. He learned the streets of Chicago like the back of his hand and grew his empire by selling and eventually developing real estate.  Turn up the volume and learn how fear and focus can change your life, too.

Best Ever Tweet:

I was in the right place at the right time because i was in that same place all the time. 

Sean Conlon Background:

  • Star of New CNBC Television Reality Show The Deed: Chicago - a show on rescuing real estate projects.
  • Owner of Conlon & Co: A Real Estate Merchant Bank. Conlon spent his nights making hundreds of cold calls until he began to make a name for himself. Today, he presides over one of the most extensive real estate businesses in the country and is a leading visionary in the field. 
  • Chicago real estate mogul who went from being a janitor in 1990 with to running successful real estate business
  • The Deed on CNBC will follow him rescuing real estate projects in Chicago
  • Based in Chicago, Illinois
  • Best Ever book: City of Thieves


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