Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

He has done just about everything in residential real estate, and he did it as a foreigner. Hear how he thinks anybody can jump in the real estate game regardless of their background.

Best Ever Tweet:

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on school, you can start wholesaling and buy properties for wealth.

Andrey Sokurec Real Estate Background:

- Founder of Midwest Real Estate Investment Association, as host of the TV Show “The Real Deal in Real Estate
- Co-founded Homestead Road to integrate the process of buying homes and “homesteading” families
- Purchased first investment property in 2005 and has completed over $40 million in real estate transactions since
- Native of Belarus, after coming to America worked as a manual laborer, and by night he read books on business success
- Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

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