Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

If you're flipping in multiple markets and you decide to pull the trigger to hire contractors far from you, it may be wise to have a second pair of eyes ensure that the job gets done… And who better than someone who is constantly reminded to protect their fiduciary duty to you, that's right… Realtors! She fixes and flips properties in two markets, Denver and SoCal, hear how she leverage his other professionals to get the job done!

Best Ever Tweet:

If you don't jump in someone else will.

Susan Eliya Real Estate Background:

- Full-time real estate investor
- Over the last 5+ years, we have completed more than 70 deals utilizing various strategies in many markets
- Her strategy is to flip in hypermarkets and create passive income utilizing the profits from these flips
- Based in Denver, Colorado
- Say hi to her at 201.424.0247
- Best Ever Book: Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson

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