Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

He's a professional consultant from New Zealand and helps other people get their business off the ground with their own ideas and unique talents. There are too many gold nuggets to not take notes, be sure you bring your full attention to this episode, enjoy!

Best Ever Tweet:

Once you know what does sell, then you know what skills you need to acquire.

Sam Ovens Real Estate Background:

- Millionaire Consultant & Creator of Training Programs For Consultants at OVENS International
- CEO & Founder of SnapInspect; A property inspection app for property management companies
- Created 9 Millionaires & 136 6-Figure Consultants from his trainings
- SnapInspect has an office in New Zealand, North America with over 2,000 clients in 16 different countries
- Based in New York, NY
- Say hi to him at 

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