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JF218: How to get Private Lenders to Fund 100% of YOUR Next Deal!

Mmmm, a large cheese pizza just for me! What do private lenders and ordering a pizza have in common? Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us how private lenders fund 100% of his deals, and how they can for you too! Let’s sit back, relax, and cook up YOUR recipe for success!

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 With private lenders, I get to set the rules.


 Alan Cowgill’s real estate background:


-          Alan Cowgill is owner of Colby Properties and President of Integrity Home Buyers, Inc.

-          He invests in single family and small multifamily properties in Springfield, Ohio

-          Board of Directors for Clarke County Property Management Association

-          Adjunct Professor for 5 years at Clark State University


-          Author of Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor

-          Since 1995 Alan has done hundreds of transactions and uses Private Lenders to fund his purchases

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