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JF219: Flipping Houses and Apartments Is the Same, Right?! WRONG!

Today’s Best Ever guest saw a side of real estate sales that was damaged, and set out to fix it. Dropping out of high school, he found his passion for real estate at a young age and had incredible successes and failures along the way. From losing OVER 7 FIGURES in one deal, to completely revolutionizing the way real estate is sold, he has incredible experiences. Let’s listen up!


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Decide what you want to invest in – and you can’t just say real estate.


Joshua Hunt’s real estate background:


-          Founder, Managing Broker and CEO of TRELORA, based in Denver, Colorado 

-          Started in real estate in 1997 at RE/Max where he was recognized as Rookie of the Year

-          He joined Keller Williams ten years later becoming top producing agent before taking on roles of Managing Broker


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