Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF232: The Top Trends YOU Need to Start Spotting in Your Deals

Would you spend a couple hours in the county courthouse to make a couple THOUSAND extra dollars on your deal? You better listen up today then, because doing your due diligence has NEVER been more important. We don’t only discuss how to make money on current and future deals, today’s Best Ever guest tells us how you can spot patterns from the PAST to make money in the FUTURE.


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By diving deep into data, there’s any number of advantages an investor can get over competition.


Dave Pelligrinelli’s real estate background:

-          National certified title examiner based in San Luis Obispo, California

-          His corporation, AFX, has performed over 1 million title searches and he personally has over 20 years’ experience in the title industry and private investigations

-          He has provided expert witness testimony for several government agencies, including the Department of Justice, Treasury Department and the FDIC


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