Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF293: Why the Most Important Return on Your Investment is Your Return on TIME

Today’s Best Ever guest is probably going to run a marathon after today’s conversation, but listen up while we have him because we discuss some fascinating loans that he has used to buy properties, and how to use equity to make sure you have NO liability. We also discuss how important your ROT (return on time) truly is.



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Once a real estate investor understands leverage, it can change their life.


Keith Weinhold’s real estate background:

-          Founder of Get Rich Education focused on passive real estate investing

-          Passive real estate investor

-          Based out of Anchorage, Alaska

-          Bought a four-plex and lived in one unit rented out the others

-          Listen to his podcast at Get Rich Education

-          Regularly does running and cross country skiing marathons


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