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JF294: How to Prove That YOU Are a Credible Investor and Why It’s So Important to Prove

Now, I know if you’re a Best Ever listener you’re certainly not lazy, but today’s Best Ever guest was and now look at him. He shares with us how to quickly estimate the cost for a flip, what YOU need to do to ensure sellers that you are a credible buyer. He is a world class flipper, so listen up because your path to financial freedom is here!



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Whenever you have a call for a property, you need to be prepared to be able to make an offer on the spot.


Danny Johnson’s real estate background:

-          Professional house flipper, and has flipped hundreds of houses over the past 11 years

-          Based in San Antonio, TX

-          Author of “Flipping Houses Exposed: 34 weeks in the life of a successful house flipper”

-          Say hi to him at

-          Danny Johnson's Scope of Work Document


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