Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF296: How to Manage Everything From a Single-Family Home to Hundreds of Apartment Units

Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us everything you need to know about property management. Whether a property manager or not, here are the things YOU need to know about it and what you need to look for in a potential property manager.



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Manage one door like you manage one hundred.


Clint Collins’ real estate background:

-          Began managing apartments while in grad school for free rent 10 years ago

-          Been investing and managing properties ever since

-          His team now runs over 1,800 units and Clint directs an accredited property management training program for and HUDU University

-          He is currently consulting for a multifamily project in Micronesia

-          Based in Guam and Idaho and Utah

-          Here is the sample doc we discussed SAMPLEApplicationScoring.pdf



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