Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF297: How to Take Creative Investing To the MAX

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us how to keep the investing game simple. We also discuss how he analyzes markets, nationally and internationally, to determine how he should hold his money and how to creatively invest in real estate. Listen up, because he shares with us some incredibly creative advice!



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The money is in the deals, and you need to start looking for the deals.


Matthew Elmer’s real estate background:

-          Based in Dallas, Texas

-          Been an active investor for 7 years

-          CEO of The Real Alliance and has helped students do 200 transactions in the last 12 months

-          Owner of Skyward Properties, a property flipping business

-          CEO of Simplified Realty to simplify the real estate process

-          Author of “Against the Grain”


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