Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF300: Why Every Market You Invest in Is Essentially the SAME

Today’s Best Ever Yankee/Southerner may not be able to decide what state he wants to be in, but he sure as heck knows a little something about real estate! Start paying attention, because we discuss the new tool you need to begin using to analyze deals, and why the market you invest in just doesn’t matter if you can find a good deal.  



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Pick markets like you’re picking winners.


Gregory Rand’s real estate background:

-          CEO of Own America and incoming president of, the world’s first national investment search portal  and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina

-          Been advising investors for 30 years from institutional investment funds to individual investors

-          Real estate contributor on FOX Business Network and author of the best-selling book Crash Boom: Make a Fortune in Today's Volatile Real Estate Market

-          Moved from NY because he realized he was a southerner 

-          Here is the document we discussed on the show: Denver AQ.pdf



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