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JF440: Live Your PASSION by Having the End in Mind with Kent Clothier

He decided to live near the beach in California because of his lifestyle he created. While being a world class wholesale genius, our Best Ever guest moved to California where he enjoys the fruits of his labor…while others labor. He is an advocate of framing your business around your passion, and to do that, you must have the “end in mind”. He shares the automation and systems that allows him that freedom. Keep an ear close to this episode!


 Best Ever Tweets:

People love to find comfort in complexity.

Start with the end in mind.


Kent Clothier’s real estate background:


  • Within 18 months after starting in real estate full time he wholesaled 91 houses throughout South Florida  
  • Founder and CEO of REI Marketing, a multi-faceted real estate education and marketing company based in Boca Raton, Florida  
  • His team is responsible for the development of real estate tools such as 1-800-Sell-Now, Find Motivated Sellers Now and Find Private Money Now 
  • Member of Memphis Invest 


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