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JF449: Why You Should Pretend that Every Deal You Set Up Will be a Fix and Flip

He's an expert in the wholesale space. He's able to do more quality deals by assuming each property under contract will be a fix and flip. He's able to put himself in the buyer's shoes, whether that's an investor or end buying consumer. With very little back in 2006, our Best Ever guest had faith in himself and hustled for a check a little over $5000...his wholesale empire began! He now continues to focus on wholesale deals, but he also organizes meet ups and runs a podcast, hear his inspiring story now!


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Build partnerships by putting a check in the partner's hands.


Dan Breslin's real estate background:

  • Host of REI Diamonds podcast (
  • Founder of Diamond Equity Investments, a fix and flip company operating in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Tampa Bay
  • Since 2006 he had closed more than 300 deals except for one has been Off Market purchases
  • Based in Chicago, Illinois
  • Say hi to him at


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