Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF546: Why YOU Need to Adopt this "Get Rich Slow" Vision

A veteran, with a "get rich slow" mindset, our Best Ever guest took his time decades ago to accomplish the extraordinary, paid off properties! Hear his ups and downs through the years and why he isn't a fan of partnerships. Can't miss this one!

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Real estate investments is a relationship business and you really have to know who you're working with.

Happiness is a positive cash flow.

Craig Horton real estate background:

  • Real estate investor since 1975 and owns 22 units mostly single family homes with 17 of them being paid off
  • Board Member of People’s Bank of Commerce since 2004 and past president of the Southern Oregon Real Owners’ Association
  • Owns 55% of a 17 unit apt community in Ashland, Oregon and has option to buy 45% this July
  • Did a 36-condo conversion project in a partnership and would not do such a project again (listen to hear why!)
  • Based in Medford, Oregon
  • His Best Ever book is Success is a Journey by Brian Tracy

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